Looking to get involved with SUB? Stop by the spring organization fair on February 11, 5-7pm, to learn about the available openings!

The Student Union Board is made up of four committees; each committee is lead by an executive committee member in addition to the full-time Elon University Students working as committee members.  

  • Performance - major concerts and comedian events
  • SUBlive (Every Friday night at 8:30pm in Moseley) - student and local performers, acoustic bands, and singers
  • Special Events - SUBswag ("stuff we all get") lunchtime events, movie runs, SUBCinema, Cram Jam (on Reading Day)
  • PR & Marketing - marketing and publicity of all SUB sponsored and co-sponsored events

Membership on SUB is open to full-time Elon University student who want to join. Active membership on SUB is defined as those students who consistently attend SUB meetings and work on on of SUB's committees. 

Applications are distributed at the beginning of the fall semester of each academic year. Students who wish to join SUB can apply to be a part of the area of their choice. Applications are reviewed by the SUB advisors and executive board members. Applicants will get a response within two weeks of turning in their application. 

Students accepted for SUB committees in the fall are automatically given the choice to return to their position for the spring semester. Applications are only taken in the spring for committees looking for more people. 

For any questions regarding the application process or how to get involved in SUB in other ways, please contact sub@elon.edu or call (336) 278-7208.